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The Long and Winding Road

Monkeyboxer Creative is dedicated to bringing fresh ideas to life through visual expressions in advertising and marketing products and brands. These are the most current projects going on in the studio, along with concepts and stories behind the ideas. At some point, storyboards will be shared as well as the processes necessary to bring a concept to "life."

Currently, a stint with Flexi Display Marketing has landed consistent creative material that has fueled the tanks here in the studio. Monkeyboxer Creative is very grateful and thankful for such great opportunities and welcomes new projects as they come.


WEB / graphic sliders

Be Natural Organics

Be Natural Organics provides the finest organic and natural skin care products. Their ingredients offer intensive serums which provide significant benefits without the addition of harmful preservatives or fillers.

Graphic sliders are created frequently to feature and promote key products which develop into "Constant Contact" emails to their customer base. Generic sliders are also developed to be placed in a rotation cycle on their homepage.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.47.48 PM
Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.48.15 PM

client overview:
marketing / graphic sliders

Flexi Promo Marketing / Awareness Ideas

There's one word to describe their multitude of advertising and marketing solutions - "flexible." Six graphic sliders were created to promote facets of Flexi Display's services.

Full-time status continues the creation of new products and promotional messages for Flexi.

client overview:
marketing design / seasonal posters

Bee Loved Wellness Haven

We hold a tender spot for our valued client Bee Loved Wellness Haven in their tremendous compassionate values and cause.

An abundance of marketing materials have been developed to strategically promote them as an upcoming non-profit organization focused on its primary mission.

There has been a strong outcry for the production of BeeLoved T shirt designs - (see portfolio section) - many of which could seriously become a fundraiser anchor piece, along with eco-friendly tote bags.


More work to come.

Plymouth Roadhouse Menu
Crestwood Lounge Menu

random client overview:
menu design

Plymouth Roadhouse / Crestwood Lounge

There will always be that client that got away, or the one who can't quite commit, or simply the ones that require services but have no available funds to carry out the job "at that particular time."

We get it. Marketing is not rocket science - however, it really is necessary for any business to thrive and survive.

These two pieces were logo design projects that also progressed into menu redesigns.


random client overview:
Logo /marketing

Alpine Power Systems

Located in Redford, MI., Alpine initially needed their corporate logos recreated in vector format, to replace an aging raster collection. This project evolved into several small jobs in freshening up PDF files for sales people to use on their tablets, and also other marketing updates.