Yes, we can do that

Bottom Line: Monkeyboxer Creative wants to be your creative service. As mentioned, consulting works two ways:

ONE: We meet, discuss your advertising and creative needs (Consultation). From this, we come up with a plan to bring these concepts to life that will improve the brand and profitability of your business. This would be a business plan, creative plan, project plan, or straight production project. It basically means you're hiring us to do some really cool creative work for your business. Consultations are usually at a low hourly rate that rolls into your plan; many times written off as free, depending on your professional needs.


TWO: You hire us to handle your day-to-day on-location or remotely as Consultants (or Contractor.) We can offer creative solutions, and be contracted to take on your creative needs for your business. This can be affordable and work within your fiscal budget. It's about being affordable for your books but also about offering quality and integrity in creative services.

In many cases, a company will seek us out, hire us as a Contractor, to fill a void in their creative production force - kind of like a hired gun or "rental." These cases can be temporary, or as permanent as you may need.

so, what do you think?

If Consulting fits best into your needs, just contact us to see how best we can be of service. We look forward to speaking with you.