rebranding an entity

Brand Image is Everything

Building a brand takes time and incredible amounts of patience to get everything right; from the actual logo identity, to the look and feel of the typography, effective tag lines, call to action, etc. It is a process that pays off when launched, customers can easily identify your business and what you have to offer. Established brands, such as Target, you can easily identify them by the bullseye and even the cute dog with bullseye. A successful logo and identity is crucial for any business to build upon. It’s a statement, your face of your company; a pride symbol, a moniker that can span across cultures to reach your audience.

Beeloved wellness Haven

This non-profit brand continues to evolve through constant marketing and advertising efforts.

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Huron-Clinton Metroparks

This 98-page rebranding campaign shares extensive details on bringing new life to an established brand.

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monkey see monkey do

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